About Magical Traveller

Embark on a Journey of Relaxed Luxury with Magical Traveller

Founded by travel aficionados Kieran and Phil, we’ve turned our passion for exploration into crafting the most enchanting, relaxed luxury holidays for you. Nestled in the heart of Bristol with our beloved Frenchie, Milo, we bring a personal touch to every adventure you embark upon. Our journey began with a shared love for Disney’s magical realms and evolved as we embraced the allure of cruising, from the enchanting waters of Alaska to the serene coasts closer to home.

Meet the Magical Travellers

Our commitment to creating boutique, tailor-made experiences that resonate with the heart and soul of our travellers has been recognized with the prestigious Wave Awards Best Independent Agent 2023. This accolade reflects our dedication to curating holidays that are not only luxurious but imbued with authenticity and charm.

With Magical Traveller, every escape is meticulously crafted, blending Kieran’s expertise in orchestrating grand corporate events and Phil’s profound understanding of personalized service. We believe in the beauty of taking it slow, savouring each moment, and weaving memories that are as intimate as they are grandiose.

We invite you to step away from the cookie-cutter holidays of high street agents and into a world where your holiday is a canvas, waiting to be painted with the vibrant hues of unique and cultured experiences. Each destination is an opportunity to discover hidden gems, engage in genuine local interactions, and enjoy moments tailored to your individual preferences.

As we’ve been honoured by the Wave Awards, we’re reminded of our mission to offer not just holidays, but gateways to relaxed luxury, where every detail is finessed to ensure you find exceptional value in every experience.

Join us, Kieran, Phil, and Milo, on this journey of discovery and indulgence, where your next holiday with Magical Traveller begins.

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