Guide to Sailor Loot and Bar Tab on Virgin Voyages

Setting sail with Virgin Voyages is a cruise experience unlike any other, When they launched they introduced a host of new features that haven’t been tried by any other cruise line. One of the unique features of Virgin Voyages is the Bar Tab which allows you to prepay for drinks and then purchase them onboard using the wearable Sailor Band.

Many people get confused however between the differences in how a bar tab can be used, and how Sailor Loot can be used, plus how you purchase things without either of those. This guide to Sailor Loot and Bar Tab on Virgin Voyages will help explain the differences, and how each of these work.

Understanding Sailor Loot

What is Sailor Loot?

Sailor Loot is Virgin Voyages’ onboard credit system, like most other cruise lines, Virgin Voyages is cashless, allowing for a seamless and hassle-free experience whilst on board. Whether it’s a spa treatment, one of the many onboard events, or a shore excursion, Sailor Loot can cover various expenses, letting you enjoy your cruise without worrying about carrying cash.

How to get Sailor Loot on Virgin Voyages?

There are several ways in which you can get Sailor Loot when sailing with Virgin Voyages, the main would be via a Promotion, sometimes when you book, your First Mate (Travel Agent), or even Virgin Voyages themselves may include bonus sailor loot as part of their exclusive promotion, so be sure to ask your First Mate if they have any available.

You can also get Sailor Loot as part of the onboard Booking promotion My Next Virgin Voyages, this is exclusive for those who are onboard and want to book another cruise. By paying a deposit of $300, you get $300 (£250) off your next voyage with Virgin, and up to $600 Sailor Loot to spend on your next voyage.

Book your Virgin Voyages Cruise Today

If you would like to book your Virgin Voyages Cruise today, you can use the below link to see the latest offers and self-service your booking. Any bookings made using this link will be linked to Magical Traveller (it will say Sold and Serviced by Kieran Miller at the top); you will have complete control over your booking and can pay Virgin Voyages directly.

If you book using our Book and Go link by clicking the image below, we will add bonus sailor loot to your account as a thank you, $25-$200, depending on cruise duration and cabin purchased. Sea Terrace cabins receive $100 on sailings four nights or more as a guide. An email will be sent within 24 hours from Magical Traveller confirming the loot will be added within 30 days before you sail.

If you would like to add hotels and accommodation, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we can make your cruise a fully ATOL-protected holiday.

Can use Sailor Loot to book events before I get on the ship?

Your Sailor Loot kicks in once you board the ship. Before boarding, any bookings, like shore excursions (known as ‘Shore Things’), are charged to the credit or debit card linked to your account. These bookings are flexible, allowing you to cancel and get a full refund up to 48 hours before your excursion.

Once you’re on the ship your Sailor Loot is active and any further bookings or purchases will be taken from any Sailor Loot you have on your account. This includes using any promotional or complimentary Sailor Loot you’ve received. Whether you want to spend that loot on special onboard events like the Grog Walk and Another Rose or treat yourself to the spa your Sailor Loot can cover it all.

The Virgin Voyages Wearable Sailor Band is used to unlock your cabin and for all onboard spending.

What can I spend Sailor Loot on?

Sailor Loot can be used for pretty much everything onboard that has a cost associated to, aside from the casino, this used to be possible, but has now changed, and Casino money is its own pot of money that has to be added to your sailor loot from a cash (Physical or Digital) payment.

Here are just a few of the things you can use your Sailor Loot for:-

  • Shore Things (Shore Excursions): Discover exciting destinations with pre-planned adventures.
  • Spa Treatments: Enjoy relaxing treatments and wellness experiences. You can check out the costs of spa treatments on this page here:- Redemption Spa Prices
  • Special Events: Join exclusive onboard activities and events. These could be paid for activities like the Pub Crawl “Grog Walk”, or dinner shows like “Another Rose”
  • Treat Your Self to Enhanced Dining: Food is included in the cruise fare, however, there are a few ways to enhance your culinary experience, which as the T-Bone Steak or Sea Food Platter in The Wak.
  • Go on a Shopping Spree: Each ship has a High Street with Duty-Free, high-end fashion shops, or the Virgin Voyages branded store, you can use your Sailor Loot in those stores
  • Book a Tattoo or a Salon Treatment: You can also use your Sailor Loot to book a session at Squid Ink, the onboard Tattoo Palor, or get your hair and nails done at one of the Salons onboard.

Anything with a cost once onboard the ship, you can use any Sailor Loot you have to pay for it.

How to Check Your Sailor Loot Balance

Keeping track of your Sailor Loot balance is easy.

Pre Voyage; your online account and app will show any loot you have on your booking confirmation. Note that sometimes loot is loaded against one person on the cabin, so may not show for everyone on the booking, so be sure to check everyone sailing to see if loot may be linked to one person specifically.

Once onboard; You can check your balance at any time through the Virgin Voyages app or by visiting Sailor Services onboard. It will show any remaining balance of both Sailor Loot and Bar Tab on your account, plus you can also view any transactions on your account from the app. This ensures you’re always aware of your spending and can manage your budget effectively.

Making the Most of Sailor Loot

To get the best out of your Sailor Loot, plan ahead and consider which activities and experiences you want to prioritise. Booking shore excursions and spa treatments early can help you allocate your Sailor Loot efficiently.

Whilst you can’t book events until you are on the ship, the Sailor App will show the schedule around 4 weeks before you sail, so you can then get an idea of paid-for events you may want to do.

What is the Virgin Voyages Bar Tab?

Separate from Sailor Loot, Virgin also has a way for you to pre-purchase drinks on your Voyage, which they call the Bar Tab. Think of this as money behind the bar. Whilst Virgin may not have an unlimited drinks package, the Bar Tab can be used to get some extra money to spend on drinks, as well as budget for alcoholic drinks whilst onboard.

Exclusive to Premium Beverages

The Bar Tab is a unique feature of Virgin Voyages and is designed specifically for those who enjoy premium drinks. Unlike Sailor Loot, Bar Tab is restricted to the purchase of premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. This also includes barista coffees at the Grounds Club, like lattes or espressos, and fresh, pressed juices at the onboard juice bar.

How to Purchase Bar Tab

Before your cruise, you can purchase Bar Tab credit through the Virgin Voyages website or app. This lets you plan your beverage budget and ensures you can enjoy your favourite drinks without worrying about additional charges.

When you purchase a Bar Tab, Virgin will add a bonus Bar Tab Loot to your cabin depending on how much you add.

  • Purchase a $100 Bar Tab and receive an additional $10 bonus, giving you $110 to spend.
  • Opt for a $200 Bar Tab to get a $20 bonus, totalling $220 for your enjoyment.
  • The $300 Bar Tab comes with a generous $50 bonus, elevating your total to $350.

For Sea Blazers (returning sailors) and members of the Sailing Club, the deal gets even sweeter:

  • Sea Blazers receive a $125 bonus on the $300 Bar Tab.
  • Sailing Club members are rewarded with a $100 bonus on the $300 option, ensuring every sip comes with a side of savings.

Using Bar Tab Onboard

When you want an alcoholic/premium drink, just order at the bar and tap your sailor band. A good thing to remember is all soft drinks are included as standard on Virgin Voyages. So, you only pay for the spirit or premium liquor in your cocktail, not the mixer. This makes it an economical way to enjoy premium drinks throughout your journey.

You can view our full guide to the Bar Tab and see all the drinks menus on our dedicated page:- Virgin Voyages Bar Tab and Bar Guide

Calculating Your Bar Tab

To help you manage your Bar Tab efficiently, and to help you calculate if you need to purchase a bar tab we have created a handy Bar Tab guide and calculator. This tool allows you to estimate and budget for your beverage expenses before you even step onboard, ensuring that every sip you take is as carefree as the ocean breeze.

Bar Tab Cannot be used for Alcoholic Classes or Events

Just note, that you can’t use your Bar Tab for onboard events, even if they are drinks classes or events like Mix It Up, Grog Walk or Shot 4 Shot, those have to be paid from Sailor Loot, or to your onboard account.

How to know what will get charged

In general, paid-for drinks will always try to charge to your Bar Tab first, then Sailor Loot, and then to your onboard account. Everything else will be charged to Sailor Loot first, then to your online account.

To help make it a bit easier to understand you can use the below tool to work out where your drinks, events, or shopping will be charged.

Virgin Voyages Onboard Account Helper

Virgin Voyages Sailor Loot and Bar Tab Onboard Account Helper

What would you like to purchase?

Do you have a Bar Tab?

Do you have Sailor Loot?

Do you have Sailor Loot?

Do you have Sailor Loot?

Your drink will be charged to your Bar Tab.

Your drink will be charged to your Sailor Loot.

Your drink will be charged to your onboard account.

Your spa service will be charged to your Sailor Loot.

Your spa service will be charged to your onboard account.

Your event/excursion will be charged to your Sailor Loot.

Your event/excursion will be charged to your onboard account.

Bar Tab cannot be used for spa services. Please check Sailor Loot or onboard account options.

Bar Tab cannot be used for events or excursions. Please check Sailor Loot or onboard account options.

Setting up your Virgin Voyages onboard Account – Adding Cash or a Credit Card to your online account.

When you check in for your cruise via the Virgin Voyages App, you will be asked if you would like to link a card to your online account or pre-pay with cash, the choice is totally yours, but note if you choose cash, once you have used all the prepaid cash on your account, you will have to head to Sailor Services to manually add more cash onto your account.

Paying for your Virgin Voyages onboard spend

  • Via Card: Connect a credit or debit card to you personally, or to your cabin.
  • Via Cash: Prefer to power your purchases with cash? Simply add funds to your account at Sailor Services after you come aboard.

Upon linking a payment card to your account, a pre-authorisation hold of $250 is set. This is to cover any potential purchases you may make, up to that amount, if you don’t spend that much, don’t worry, any unspent amount will be refunded to your account shortly after your voyage.

Equally, once you get close to spending that amount, Virgin will take another hold to cover additional spending onboard, typically these are done in $250 amounts, however, it has been known to be in $100 a time depending on your spending habits, but it would be best to plan for $250 increments, as that is the official guidance.

Remember the onboard currency is USD, so make sure if you are from outside the USA you are aware of any card fees you may incur for exchange rates.

We also advise if you can, to use a Credit Card as the hold can take up to 28 days to return to a debit card, often it’s within 7, but it has happened to us where it has taken 21 days, this is mainly down to your bank and their typical processing time on card holds.

Can we be billed separately, or together?

Yes, you can agree for one card to be linked to the whole cabin, or have your individual spend whilst onboard. This is set via the app as you check in, when asked to add a card, whoever is the first person to check in will be asked if they want to allow their card to be used by everyone in the cabin.

Making the Most of Your Virgin Voyages Experience

Understanding the onboard loot system and cashless transactions is key to a smooth and enjoyable Voyage with Virgin. By effectively managing your Sailor Loot and Bar Tab, you can ensure that you make the most of your time on the ship, indulging in all the premium experiences that Virgin Voyages has to offer.

Conclusion – Guide to Sailor Loot and Bar Tab

Navigating your Virgin Voyages onboard account, Sailor Loot, and Bar Tab is straightforward once you understand the system. The cashless experience facilitated by the wearable Sailor Band offers convenience and freedom, allowing you to focus on enjoying your voyage, Whether you’re indulging in premium beverages, relaxing with a spa treatment, or exploring exotic destinations, your onboard credits make it easy to enhance your journey.

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