Valiant Lady Deck Plan: A Comprehensive Deck-by-Deck Tour

Discover the Valiant Lady Deck Plan before you set sail! Below is a detailed overview of the ship’s decks, featuring its various public areas, restaurants, bars, and cabin options. Whether you are a Virgin Voyages veteran or a first-time sailor, these deck plans will help you navigate and familiarize yourself with this remarkable vessel.

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Valiant Lady Deck 17 – Outdoor Fitness and Well-being Oasis

Deck 17 offers a serene outdoor space for those seeking exercise and relaxation:

The Runway (Red on Deck Plan): A dedicated running track encircles the ship’s top deck, allowing Sailors to jog, skate, or enjoy breathtaking ocean views.

The Perch (Yellow on Deck Plan): An exclusive sundeck offering 360-degree ocean vistas, perfect for sunrise and sunset yoga sessions.

Valiant Lady Deck Plan Deck 17

Valiant Lady Deck 16 – For the Beautiful People

Deck 16 is dedicated to fitness enthusiasts, sun worshippers, and VIPs:

The Net at The Athletic Club (Red on Deck Plan): A suspended catamaran net aft of the ship, where adventurous Sailors can hang out over the ocean.

The Athletic Club/Training Camp (Green on Deck Plan): An outdoor training zone with a boxing ring, gym equipment, and a sports bar. The Training Camp offers complimentary group fitness classes.

The Cabanas (Pink on Deck Plan): A private hideaway on the starboard side featuring white wooden cabanas with daybeds and a personal fridge.

Sun Club (Yellow on Deck Plan): A spacious sunbathing area with the Sun Bar and Sun Club Cafe for poolside relaxation and refreshments.

Richard’s Rooftop (Aqua on Deck Plan): An exclusive outdoor lounge for suite guests, offering a chic and luxurious ambience.

Valiant Lady Deck Plan Deck 16

Valiant Lady Deck 15 – Quick Bites and Exclusive Suites

Deck 15 primarily houses exclusive Mega Rockstar suites and also features several quick-bite options:

The Galley (Green on Deck Plan): A market-style food hall offering a variety of food stands and carts, providing a range of delicious dishes.

Gunbae (Dark Blue on Deck Plan): A Korean-style BBQ restaurant offering an interactive and social dining experience.

B-COMPLEX (Salmon Pink on Deck Plan): An ultimate fitness and well-being complex with stunning ocean views.

The Well-Being Pool (Aqua on Deck Plan): An outdoor area with a large whirlpool, plunge pools, and fitness apparatus for relaxation and exercise.

Gym & Tonic (Grey Circle on Deck Plan): A bar serving fresh cold-pressed juices and handcrafted cocktails for post-workout refreshment.

Aquatic Club (Aqua on Deck Plan): The main pool area with a central swimming pool and ample space for sunbathing.

Aquatic Club Bar (Grey Circle on Deck Plan): A convenient spot to grab your poolside frozen cocktails.

The Scene (Yellow on Deck Plan): An exclusive event space available for VIP bookings.

The Tune Up (Yellow on Deck Plan): A Mani-Pedi Bar and Medi Spa for indulging in various beauty treatments.

Valiant Lady Deck Plan Deck 15

Valiant Lady Deck 14 – Cabins

Deck 14 solely comprises accommodation options, including Rockstar suites and cabins.

Valiant Lady Deck Plan Deck 14

Valiant Lady Deck 13 – Cabins

Deck 13 is another accommodation deck, offering various suite and cabin options

Valiant Lady Deck Plan Deck 13

Valiant Lady Deck 12 – Cabins

Deck 12 provides a range of suite and cabin choices for Sailors to rest and relax.

Valiant Lady Deck Plan Deck 12

Valiant Lady Deck 11 – Cabins

Deck 11 features various accommodation options for Sailors’ comfort.

Valiant Lady Deck Plan Deck 11

Valiant Lady Deck 10 – Cabins

Deck 10 offers additional suite and cabin choices for Sailors to unwind.

Valiant Lady Deck Plan Deck 10

Valiant Lady Deck 9 – Cabins

Deck 9 includes various accommodation options to suit Sailors’ preferences.

Valiant Lady Deck Plan Deck 9

Valiant Lady Deck 8 – Cabins

Deck 8 provides a range of suite and cabin options with scenic views.

Valiant Lady Deck Plan Deck 8

Valiant Lady Deck 7 – The Heart of Entertainment

Deck 7 is a haven for entertainment and dining, with no cabins or suites:

The Dock & The Dock House (Green on Deck Plan): A rustic beach club-inspired space serving Mediterranean-inspired dishes and fresh grilled meats and seafood.

The Social Club, The Arcade, and The Loose Cannon (Turquoise on Deck Plan): A vibrant area with bar games, arcade games, shuffleboard, and a nautically-themed bar.

The Pizza Place (Dark Blue on Deck Plan): A 24/7 spot to enjoy freshly made pizzas.

Lick Me Till Ice Cream (Mid-blue on Deck Plan): A complimentary retro ice cream parlour serving homemade dairy ice cream.

The Roundabout (Midships Central): A two-story spiral walkway providing access to different areas of the ship.

Draught Haus (Midships Port Side): A casual bar offering a variety of beers on tap and artisanal beverages.

Grounds Club (Sea Green on Deck Plan): A coffee bar serving a custom Virgin Voyages blend, ensuring a caffeine fix for Sailors.

Chart Room (Mid-blue on Deck Plan): The location for Sailor Services, assisting with onboard queries and reservations.

Necessities Shop (Mid-blue on Deck Plan): A shop offering essential items and souvenirs.

Voyage Vinyl (Mid-blue on Deck Plan): An onboard record shop offering limited-edition curated albums and music-related merchandise.

The Manor (Yellow on Deck Plan): A signature nightclub with live music and entertainment inspired by Richard Branson’s music history.

Sip (Purple on Deck Plan): A decadent lounge featuring various Champagne labels and a signature afternoon high tea.

The Groupie (Dark Blue on Deck Plan): A bookable private karaoke, gaming, and movie lounge for Sailor entertainment.

Red Room (Red on Deck Plan): The main performance area and versatile theatre space, transformed into different configurations.

Valiant Lady Deck Plan Deck 7

Valiant Lady Deck 6 – Bars, Restaurants, and More

Deck 6 offers a variety of dining options and entertainment:

The Wake (Pink on Deck Plan): A glamorous restaurant offering a sophisticated take on steak and seafood, with table-side drink cart service.

The Test Kitchen (Grey on Deck Plan): A culinary laboratory serving a six-course surprise tasting menu with innovative creations.

Extra Virgin (Green on Deck Plan): An Italian trattoria serving regionally-inspired food and communal dining.

Get Lost (Navy Blue on Deck Plan): An area where Sailors can learn more about destinations and book excursions.

High Street (Dark Aqua on Deck Plan): A mini shopping mall with sophisticated boutiques and a Virgin Voyages merchandise outlet.

On The Rocks (Mid-blue on Deck Plan): A vibrant bar offering a wide selection of mixology and aged whiskies.

Dry Dock (Dark Aqua on Deck Plan): A hair salon offering blow-dry and hairstyling services.

Stubble & Groom (Dark Aqua on Deck Plan): An upscale barber shop offering pampering and grooming services for men.

Booty Free Shop (Dark Aqua on Deck Plan): A duty-free shop for those must-have gifts and personal rewards.

Squid Ink (Dark Aqua on Deck Plan): The first-ever tattoo studio on a cruise ship, offering tattooing, body piercing, and permanent makeup services.

The Roundabout (Midships Central): The lower entrance of the two-tiered versatile theatre space.

The Casino Bar (Dark Purple on Deck Plan): Adjacent to the Casino, offering drinks for those enjoying casino activities.

The Casino (Dark Purple on Deck Plan) is a gaming area with slot machines and tables.

The Manor (Orange on Deck Plan): The iconic lower floor of the two-storey Manor nightclub perfect for photo opportunities.

The Den (Light Aqua on Deck Plan): A flexible event space that accommodates various functions.

The Smoking Room (Light Purple on Deck Plan): The designated area for smokers on the ship.

Valiant Lady Deck Plan Deck 6

Valiant Lady Deck 5 – Cabins and Dining Delights

Deck 5 presents a mix of cabins and restaurants, along with Sailor Services and the luxurious Redemption Spa:

Razzle Dazzle (Mid Blue on Deck Plan): A forward vegetarian/vegan restaurant offering a naughty/nice menu with the option to add meat.

Pink Agave (Lilac on Deck Plan): An upscale Mexican restaurant with a fabulous Mezcal Bar.

Sailor Services (Dark Blue on Deck Plan): The reception and help desk for onboard assistance.

Redemption Spa (Aqua on Deck Plan): A luxurious spa offering hydrotherapy, rejuvenating treatments, and evening spa parties.

Valiant Lady Deck Plan Deck 5

Valiant Lady Deck Plan – All Decks

Valiant Lady Deck Plan Deck - All Decks