Virgin Voyages Drinks Prices with Bar Tab Calculator

Virgin Voyages Drinks Prices with Bar Tab Calculator

Does Virgin Voyages have a drink package? In short no, they offer a Bar Tab. How does it work, in short, you pre-pay an amount behind the bar on your cruise, and Virgin Voyages will gift you a bonus amount of Bar Tab. To help you work out whether it’s worth it or not, here is our guide to the Virgin Voyages Drinks Prices with Bar Tab Calculator.

What is the Virgin Voyages Bar Tab?

Virgin Voyages’ Bar Tab system is ingeniously designed to offer both value and convenience to sailors. Unlike traditional drinks packages on other cruise lines, the Bar Tab allows you to preload a spending amount for drinks, which can be used across all bars and lounges onboard Virgin Voyages.

How much does a Virgin Voyages Bar Tab Cost?

There’s no fee for booking a Virgin Voyages Bar Tab, there’s no cost per day, you are effectively putting money behind the bar, and getting some extra money to for pre paying for drinks when you sail.

  • Purchase a $100 Bar Tab and receive an additional $10 bonus, giving you $110 to spend.
  • Opt for a $200 Bar Tab to get a $20 bonus, totalling $220 for your enjoyment.
  • The $300 Bar Tab comes with a generous $50 bonus, elevating your total to $350.

For Sea Blazers (returning sailors) and members of the Sailing Club, the deal gets even sweeter:

  • Sea Blazers receive a $125 bonus on the $300 Bar Tab.
  • Sailing Club members are rewarded with a $100 bonus on the $300 option, ensuring every sip comes with a side of savings.

Virgin Voyages Bar Tab Calculator

Our Virgin Voyages Bar Tab Calculator is your go-to tool for estimating your cruise beverage budget. Simply input your daily anticipated drink intake, and the calculator will suggest the optimal Bar Tab package, factoring in bonus credits to maximise your value.

Prices for drinks are based on the average price per drink, there are certainly cheaper beers, wines and Cocktails, but there are also more expensive options, this calculator is to be used as a guide to help you work out on average how many bonus/free drinks you may get if you choose to purchase a Bar Tab.

Drinks Calculator

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Maximising Your Bar Tab Value

The drinks prices on Virgin Voyages are pretty reasonable compared to some other lines, however, you can quickly burn through your bar tab if you aren’t careful. Virgin Voyages only offers premium spirits, so there is no “house brand”, however, they do offer entry-level spirits, wines and beers, as well as premium-priced spirits.

Make sure you are aware of the price of the spirit you prefer to drink and don’t be afraid to ask for a cheaper alternative if you want to slow down your spending.

Cocktails can also add up quickly, so consider swapping to a simple spirit and mixer in the evenings in The Manor, not only is service quicker, but in most cases, you can get two Vodka Lemonade, for the price of a cocktail for example.

You can also purchase bottles of spirits from the bars, which can be consumed on the ship, these are more expensive than on land, but if you are drinking by the pool, or in a bar one day, then it could be cheaper than purchasing by the glass.

Virgin Voyages Drinks Prices

You can check all the Virgin Voyages Bars and Menus on our dedicated page here:- Virgin Voyages Bar and Menus

Here are some guide prices of what prices you can expect when onboard.

  • Draught Beer (12oz) – $5 to $8
  • Draught Beer (54oz) – $19 to $29
  • Can of Beer – $5 to $11
  • Spirit (single) – $5 to $25
  • Spirit (half bottle) – $45 to $55
  • Cocktails – $12 to $17
  • Bottle of Beer – $5 to $15
  • Glass of Wine – $7 to $22
  • Bottle of Wine – $28 to $1445
  • Glass of Champagne – $11 to $65
  • Bottle of Champagne – $48 to $445
  • Shots – $7 to $15
  • Red Bull – $5
  • Specialty Coffee – $2.50 to $5
  • Specialty Tea – $5
  • Hot Chocolate – $4

Does Virgin Voyages Offer Non-Alcoholic Options?

Virgin Voyages caters to all preferences, offering a wide array of non-alcoholic choices such as crafted mocktails, premium soft drinks, speciality coffees, and teas, ensuring there’s a perfect drink for every moment, and you can use your Bar Tab to spend on all of these.

Speciality Bars and Lounges on Virgin Voyages

Virgin Voyages offers several bars on their ships, each offering a different atmosphere that fits whatever mood you are in. These venues are perfect for socialising, relaxing, and savouring your journey on the high seas. You can view our full guide to all the bars onboard here:-

What is the Virgin Voyages Bar Tab Podcast

You can listen along to our guide about the Virgin Voyages Bar Tab on the Magically Cruising Cruise Podcast.

Virgin Voyages Bar Tab FAQs

Will I receive a refund for any unused portion of my Bar Tab?

Unused balances on your Bar Tab will not be refunded, so ensure that you purchase the right amount, and ensure you make use of it on your voyage.

Can I move my Bar Tab across to a Back to Back Voyage?

Typically you cannot share your Bar Tab between Voyages, however for some of the back-to-back repositionings, i.e. from Athens to Australia, Virgin Voyages have allowed Bar Tab to be carried across each leg of the repositionings, but this has been the only time to date.

Is it possible to purchase drinks for fellow travellers using my Bar Tab?

Absolutely! The Bar Tab money may be linked to you, but there are no restrictions on who you can purchase drinks for.

Can use my Bar Tab for drinking events like Grog Walk?

No, you cannot use your Bar Tab to pay for onboard events and drink-based classes, however, you can use regular Sailor Loot.

Do we need to set up a Bar Tab for each individual in our party?

Not at all. You may opt to share a Bar Tab with everyone in your cabin. Simply link one card to your cabin, or speak with Sailor Services to allocate drinks to the designated Bar Tab holder in your group.

Can I purchase a Bar Tab when onboard?

No, you have to pre-purchase your bar tab at least 48 hours before you board.