Sustainable Travel

We are very passionate about Sustainable Travel, and ensuring that the travel we book and support is as sustainable as possible.

We are under no illusion that travel and tourism have a major impact, both positively, by funding local communities and small businesses. But it also has a negative impact via carbon emissions and land development, to name a few.

That is why it’s been important for us to support brand partners who emphasise their social responsibility commitments and their approach to sustainable travel.

It’s also why we thought it was essential to have a charity partner that works to restore the natural world around us. However, we wanted something more than a simple program that planted trees, or charged a carbon tax.

This is why we have chosen Mossy Earth as our charity to support.

Mossy Earth does help to plant the right trees in the right places, but they also support and curate rewilding projects that help improve the overall health of the natural world.
Fund projects that rebuild, protect and enhance critical ecosystems and species that are underfunded, threatened or play a large role in climate change mitigation. It’s not only about the number of trees.

Every month we contribute to Mossy Earth, which helps fund the amazing rewinding projects they undertake.

To Date, Together, We Have Helped

You can always see the impact Mossy Earth has made on the world with our support by visiting our personal page on their website.

If you would like to make an additional contribution to Mossy Earth, you can do so by visiting their website, there is an option to make an additional construction above the amount we make each month. A one-off payment of £10 helps plant 4 trees and goes towards their many rewinding projects worldwide.

Whenever you book a holiday with us, you can do so knowing that we have helped so many amazing rewilding programs around the world, and should you choose to do so, you can also make an individual contribution to rewilding projects by using our link.

Read the latest updates for our contributions to Mossy Earth

January Mossy Earth Report

In January, our support to Mossy Eath funded their newest project to help repair a riverine ecosystem in Scotland.  Here is the update they shared with us on the projects we have helped support during January Rewilding Impact 1: Riparian Restoration, Scotland 🐟 We are facing a series of challenges in Scottish waterways ranging from…

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