Virgin Voyages Sailing Club: Navigating the Seas of Luxury and Rewards UPDATED for 2024

UPDATED for 2024: Cruising with Virgin Voyages offers more than just a journey across the seas; it’s an entry into a world of exclusive rewards and luxuries. At the heart of this experience is the Virgin Voyages Sailing Club, a loyalty program designed to celebrate and reward its members.

As we sail into 2024, there is excitement surrounding how new members can join this elite club. We hope to share details soon on how new sailors can take advantage of these perks when the details of the new sailing club launch soon.

Understanding the Virgin Voyages Sailing Club

The Virgin Voyages Sailing Club isn’t just a loyalty program; it’s a gateway to a series of exceptional experiences and privileges. Tailored to enhance the journey of its members, this program is set to expand and reveal new pathways for joining in 2024, adding to the anticipation among cruising enthusiasts.

Virgin Voyages Sailing Club Cocktail Reception

Updated for 2024: New Ways to Become a Member of The Sailing Club

As of March 3rd 2024, Virgin Voyages has updated the sailing club, introducing some new ways for you to become a member, but also, new tiers based on how many voyages you have undertaken.

Virgin Voyages Sailing Club Tiers

Virgin Voyages Sailing Club

Once you have completed your first sailing with Virgin Voyages, you become a member of the sailing club. There are no onboard perks for being a member of the sailing club, however, you will become eligible for exclusive offers, and be the first to hear the latest news on all things Virgin Voyages.

NEW for 2024: Virgin Voyages Blue Extras

You have to have completed two voyages with Virgin to unlock access to Blue Extra, this is a new tier of perks and onboard luxuries. When you sail on your third and fourth voyages, you will have access to Blue Extras. These are:-

  • 1 Speciality Coffee Per Day
  • Entry into the Sailing Club Cocktail Event
  • 1 Bag of Complementary Laundry
  • Dedicated Sailor Services Support

Virgin Voyages Deep Blue Extras: The Pinnacle of Cruising Luxuries

UPDATED FOR 2024: At the core of the Sailing Club are the Deep Blue Extras, a collection of luxurious benefits that transform an incredible voyage into an extraordinary one. Once you sail on your fifth voyage with Virgin You Will unlock the following perks in addition, or enhanced over the Blue Extras you have already unlocked.

  • Expedited Boarding: VIP treatment from the moment of embarkation.
  • $100 Bar Tab Credit: A toast to the sea with various complimentary drinks.
  • Unlimited Premium Wi-Fi: Seamless connectivity to share your journey.
  • Complimentary Laundry Service: Keep your wardrobe fresh and elegant.
  • 2 Daily Specialty Coffee Credits: Energise your mornings.
  • 2 pressed items, 1 specialty cleaned item, 1 Bag of Complementary Laundry

The Small Print

There has now been some official clarity on who is eligible in the cabin if only one person has the perks.

All perks are per eligible Sailing Club sailor. Bar Tab, Wi-Fi, laundry service, and coffee charges may appear on the Sailor’s account, but will be waived before a credit card is charged at the end of the voyage.

  • $100 promotional Bar Tab: a Bar Tab credit applied to the folio of the eligible sailor only
  • Unlimited premium Wifi: provided where available
  • Priority Boarding: early boarding time and dedicated queue in Terminal V and where available globally (cabin mate of Sailing Club sailors will be permitted to join when arriving together)
  • Dedicated Sailing Club Sailor Services Support: pre-voyage dedicated phone option for Sailing Club members. Onboard Sailing Club representative at the Sailor Services desk
  • Cocktail Event: an invitation to 1 x Sailing Club cocktail reception per voyage (cabin mate of Sailing Clubsailor will be permitted to join)
  • Laundry service
    • Blue Extras: includes one bag — express service is not included and laundry service is unavailable on the voyage’s final day
    • Deep Blue Extras: includes two pressed items, one specialty-cleaned item, and one bag — express service is not included and laundry service is unavailable on the voyage’s final day
  • Specialty Coffee Credit:
    • Blue Extras: One speciality coffee from The Grounds Club or Grounds Club Too per day. Alcoholic coffee cocktails are not included.
  • Deep Blue Extras: Two speciality coffees from The Grounds Club or Grounds Club Too per day. Alcoholic coffee cocktails are not included.

Excluded Voyages towards your status level

It’s worth noting that the following Voyages are excluded from earning toward perks packages:

  • Casino (Loyalty) Complementary Bookings
  • Free Voyage Fare (Access Key) Giveaways
  • First Mate Rate Bookings
  • Net Rates (deep promotional Net Rates only)
  • Interline Rates (deep Interline discounts only)
  • All reduced cruise fares (e.g., employee/employee family rates, vendor rates, etc.),
  • Internal ECC Bookings
  • Internal Ship Companion Bookings
  • other cruises as designated by Virgin Voyages at its sole discretion.

The Distinction Between Sea-Blazers and Sea-Rovers

Sea-Blazers & Sea-Rovers have already unlocked their access to Deep Blue Extras by their sailing history prior to 2024, so those who have access Deep Blue Extras by being a Sea Blazer, or Sea Rover will have access to the updated version.

Note however that you have to book and sail during 2024 or 2025 to keep access to these perks.

What is a Virgin Voyages Sea-Blazer

Sea-Blazers are the trailblazers who embarked with Virgin Voyages in their inaugural year, 2021. This tier salutes the early adopters who showed faith in Virgin Voyages from the launch. As Sea-Blazers, these members enjoy recognition and rewards that commemorate their pioneering spirit.

What is a Virgin Voyages Sea-Rover

On the other hand, Sea-Rovers are frequent sailors who have journeyed with Virgin Voyages at least twice from the beginning of 2022 to the end of 2023. This tier is tailored for the loyal sailors who have continued to choose Virgin Voyages for their seafaring adventures, rewarding their continued patronage with enhanced perks and privileges.

UPDATED FOR 2024: Return of Match and Sea More Program

Are you a seasoned Sailor looking to gain a head start on these amazing perks, then good news, the Match and Sea More program has returned once again.

Starting April 3 2024, if you hold loyalty with another cruise line, you can match your status to unlock these perks.

Sailors who join the Sailing Club via Status Match will receive Blue Extras on their first-ever voyage, and continue to receive Blue Extras until they unlock Deep Blue Extras, on their fifth voyage.

Here is the table of all the cruise lines you can status match from:-

Loyalty ProgramMembership Tier
Azamara CircleExplorer, Discoverer, Discover Plus, Discover Platinum
Carnival VIFP ClubPlatinum, Diamond
Celebrity Cruises Captain’s ClubEilte, Elite Plus, Zenith
Disney CastawaySilver, Gold, Platinum, Pearl
Holland America Mariner Society3-Star, 4-Star, 5-Star
Norwegian Cruise Line Latitudes RewardsPlatinum, Sapphire, DIamond, Ambassador
Oceania ClubGold, Platinum, Diamond, President’s Circle
P&O Peninsular ClubMediterranean Tier, Caribbean Tier, Baltic Tier, Ligurian Tier
Princess Captain’s CirclePlatinum, Elite
Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor SocietyDiamond, Diamond Plus, Pinnacle Club
Virgin Atlantic Flying ClubGold
Virgin Australia Velocity Frequent FlyerGold, Platinum, Beyond
Windstar Yacht ClubOne Star, Two Star, Three Star, Four Star

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The Virgin Voyages Sailing Club is a testament to the brand’s dedication to offering an unmatched cruising experience. With the Deep Blue Extras and the distinction between Sea-Blazers and Sea-Rovers, the club elevates every voyage to a realm of luxury and exclusive rewards.

As we eagerly await the new enrollment details for 2024, one thing is sure: the journey with Virgin Voyages is just getting started, promising more than just a voyage, but a journey into the extraordinary.

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