Discovering the Elegance of Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace Cabin

Embarking on a cruise with Virgin Voyages is an experience filled with luxury, comfort, and innovative design, particularly when you book a stay in a Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace cabin. Let’s look at what makes these cabins stand out for sea adventurers.

A Glimpse into the Sea Terrace Cabin

Spacious and Stylish

The Sea Terrace cabins are ingeniously designed to maximize space and comfort within their 225 square feet. Each cabin showcases a perfect blend of style and functionality, designed to cater to the needs of modern travellers.

The Sea Bed: A Convertible Innovation

One of the most intriguing features of the Sea Terrace cabin is the ‘Sea Bed’. This convertible bed can quickly transform from a cosy full-sized bed into a comfortable sofa, offering flexibility and convenience to guests.

One thing to note, however, is that this feature is less evident than it used to be. When Virgin Voyages first launched, you would enter your cabin with the Sea Bed converted into a sofa. However, sailors questioned where the Bed was.

You can still request that they make your Sea Bed into a sofa, but it’s now on request from your cabin attendant. If you never ask, it will be configured as a bed for your whole sailing rather than changed during the daytime, then back to a bed later that evening.

Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace

Ample Storage and Amenities

Despite its minimalist design, the Sea Terrace cabin efficiently utilizes space. The cabin includes a sizeable closet with shelves and space for luggage storage, ensuring that your items are neatly organized.

You can also fit most large suitcases under the bed, so you can hide them away once you are fully unpacked and ready for your incredible Virgin Voyage.

Cabins tend to come with ten hangars; however, more can be requested via the cabin table or by speaking with your stateroom host.

Technological Enhancements

The cabin boasts an in-room tablet, allowing guests to easily control the mood lighting, curtains, and entertainment system. This integration of technology adds a layer of sophistication to the cabin experience.

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The Virgin Voyages Sea Terrace Hammock: A Private Oasis

In every Sea Terrace cabin of Virgin Voyages, the handwoven hammocks are more than just a symbol of relaxation—they embody a story of empowerment and positive change. These hammocks, crafted by the skilled artisans of Thailand’s hill tribes, are a product of Yellow Leaf Hammocks’ mission to create ethical job opportunities and uplift communities from extreme poverty.

Each hammock is not only a testament to the unique cultural heritage of the Mlabri Tribe but also represents a commitment to sustainable practices and community transformation, making your stay with Virgin Voyages an experience intertwined with meaningful impact and global sustainability.

Compact Yet Functional Bathroom

The bathroom, though compact, is well-equipped with what we have voted the best show at sea, with an incredible waterfall shower, providing a refreshing and luxurious bathing experience. Premium toiletries are included, with wonderful Red Flower Hand Soap, shampoo, Conditioner and Shower Gel.

They have a warm ocean scent, and Kieran has medium curly hair and mildly sensitive skin and has never had any issues with the included toiletries onboard.

A Visual Tour

For a more immersive experience, take a virtual tour of the Sea Terrace cabin from our YouTube Channel.

Key Cabin Facts

  • Size: Each Sea Terrace cabin is thoughtfully laid out in an area of 225 square feet.
  • Quantity: A significant number of cabins on Virgin Voyages ships are Sea Terrace cabins, offering plenty of opportunities for guests to enjoy this luxurious option.
  • Other Sea Terrace Cabins: There are also a limited number of XL Sea Terrace Cabins, which are a little larger, plus some Limited View Sea Terrace cabins, which offer the same space but with lifeboats partially blocking the view.


The Sea Terrace cabin on Virgin Voyages is more than just a room; it’s a testament to thoughtful design and luxury. Whether you’re lounging on the convertible Sea Bed, enjoying the views from your private balcony, or utilizing the smart in-room technology, a stay in the Sea Terrace cabin is sure to be a highlight of your Virgin Voyages experience.

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