Magical Traveller Group Cruise | Virgin Voyages From England to Amsterdam 30 August 2024

Magical Traveller Group Cruise _ Virgin Voyages From England to Amsterdam 30 August 2024

Ahoy Sailors, At Magical Traveller, we firmly believe that every voyage should be nothing short of enchanting.

With great excitement, we announce our upcoming Magical Traveller Group Cruise aboard the beautiful Resilient Lady by Virgin Voyages From England to Amsterdam 30 August 2024.

Prepare for a 4-night maritime escapade that guarantees unforgettable exploration, relaxation, and delightful surprises.

Cruise Details:

Departure Date: 30th August 2024
Itinerary: From England to Amsterdam
Ports: Portsmouth, Amsterdam (overnight), At Sea, Portsmouth
Cabin Price: Sea Terrace cabin from £699 per person
Includes: $300 Bar Tab per cabin
Plus Group Voyage Exclusive: Bonus loot from $100-$300 depending on your cabin
Deposit: 20% of your voyage fare, Balance due 120 days before sailing (5th June 24)

Virgin Voyages From England to Amsterdam 30 August 2024

Why should you choose to sail with Magical Traveller on this group sailing, you ask? Allow us to share the details of just a few perks that await you when you decide to join our group on this splendid voyage:

Perk 1. Sailor Loot – Extra Spending Power:

In addition to the already-included perks provided by Virgin Voyages, such as all meals at over 20 eateries, crew gratuities, WiFi, basic beverages, and group fitness classes, our Sailors in Circles (that’s you!) get to enjoy extra benefits. Fondly referred to as “Sailor Loot,” this onboard credit is your ticket to indulging in those little extras that can make your voyage even more special.

Use it for Shore Things (Port Adventures), indulgent drinks, soothing spa treatments, personal training sessions, and perhaps a spot of retail therapy during your cruise.

SOLD OUT: The first ten cabins to book onto these voyages receive extra bonus loot

We will have cabins with double bonus loot available on the 3rd September UK to Zeebrugge and Amsterdam Group Voyage

SOLD OUT: Sailor Loot amounts are determined by your paid cabin category:

  • $100 per cabin for Insider/Sea View cabins
  • $200 per cabin for Sea Terrace cabins
  • $300 per cabin for All RockStar Quarters

UPDATED: The first ten cabins have now sold out, but you can still receive the below bonus for booking with us on this voyage

Sailor Loot amounts are determined by your paid cabin category:

  • $50 per cabin for Insider/Sea View cabins
  • $100 per cabin for Sea Terrace cabins
  • $200 per cabin for All RockStar Quarters

Imagine the freedom to tailor your cruise experience to your preferences, all thanks to Sailor Loot!

Perk 2. Exclusive Drinks Reception:

But that’s not all! At Magical Traveller, we know how to infuse a dash of enchantment into your voyage. We will host a special drinks reception one evening during the voyage. It’s the perfect opportunity to socialize with fellow travellers, swap stories, and form new friendships while savouring your preferred beverages.

Joining our group cruise signifies more than just a holiday; it’s a chance to craft enduring memories alongside kindred spirits. Whether you’re an experienced sailor or embarking on your maiden voyage, Magical Traveller guarantees a magical experience.

Will I have to hang out with you the whole time?

No, not a tall. You can be as social, or as private as you want to be. Some people love making new friends, and socialising with a wider group, other just love to know they have someone onboard they can ask any questions they may have, or get tips on how to make the most of their voyage, it your cruise, so enjoy it however you want.

Why cruise with Virgin Voyages?

There are so many reasons to consider a Virgin Voyages cruise, from their wonderful food, pioneering entertainment, and beautiful boutique ships. But they also have a whole host of added value inclusions on ever sailing. Tips, wifi and essential drinks (Soft drinks) are included, as well as group fitness class, speciality level dining and shows and entertainment for now extra cost.

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Book Your Virgin Voyages From England to Amsterdam Cruise

There are two ways you can book the group cruise with us. The first is to use our Book and Go Link. This link allows you to book directly on the Virgin Voyages website pay them directly, and we will then be the travel agent on your booking.

We can then add you to our group and invite you to our group activities when onboard when we sail.

Make sure it says sold and serviced by Kieran Miller along the top, and you choose the correct sailing, the August 30th From England to Amsterdam on Resilient Lady.

Prefer the human touch?

That is what we are all about here at Magical Traveller: unique personal service, so we are more than happy to book with you directly if you would prefer to speak with us and ask any questions you may have.

You the form linked below, WhatsApp, or email to contact us anytime, and we will happily get you set up and sailing the Virgin Way and booked as part of our group

Enquire Now

If you want to book a holiday with Magical Traveller, please send us a message or call any time.

You can enquire anytime using our Contact Us form by clicking here.

You can also contact us via email at hello@magical-traveller.com, or call us on 07307602030

*Note, all prices shown were correct at the time of posting and are subject to change, terms and conditions apply, ask for details and terms

Don’t let this exclusive group cruise opportunity with Magical Traveller on Virgin Voyages slip through your fingers. With the fantastic perks, Sailor Loot, and our delightful drinks reception, this voyage promises an enchanting experience.