Sailing Virgin Voyages Solo | Sailing solo, but not alone on a cruise

Sailing Virgin Voyages Solo

Have you ever wondered what it’s like sailing Virgin Voyages Solo? As sun-kissed waves beckon and the allure of the open sea tugs at your heartstrings, a unique adventure awaits solo travellers aboard Virgin Voyages.

At Magical Traveller, we understand that the desire to set sail alone doesn’t necessarily mean embracing solitude. This post delves into the world of solo cruising with Virgin Voyages, where the phrase “Virgin Voyages for solo cruisers” takes on a whole new meaning.

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Connecting With Virgin Voyages Solo Adventurers

Solo cruises can sometimes feel like stepping into the unknown, but you’re far from alone with Virgin Voyages. Imagine cruising amidst the vast expanse of the ocean, yet surrounded by like-minded souls eager to share the journey. Virgin Voyages masterfully bridges the gap between solitude and companionship, offering solo travellers various options to connect with fellow adventurers.

The Happenings Cast, a dedicated group onboard, ensures solo travellers feel at home. Their commitment to creating a warm, inclusive atmosphere ensures you’re never alone. Solo cruisers can join the Happenings Cast for optional hosted cocktail hours, coffee meet-ups, and dinners, helping you break the ice with fellow sailors.

A First-Hand Experience for cruising solo on Virgin Voyages

Kerry, our partnership manager at Virgin Voyages, recently embarked on a solo cruise and shared her firsthand experience. “Not everyone who is solo wants to be alone, right?” she shares, encapsulating the essence of Virgin Voyages’ approach to solo cruising.

On your first day onboard Virgin Voyages, you will find a welcome letter in your cabin inviting you to a welcome drink meet and greet hosted by a member of the Happenings Cast, the onboard entertainment team, which then leads into a Hosted Dinner for solo sailors.

This means from day one, you have a friend within the Happenings Cast whom you can ask for tips and advice at any time on your cruise, but also, it is a chance to meet fellow solo travellers and break the ice with them.

On her sailing, the solo sailors decided to create a WhatsApp group so they could plan other meet-ups whilst sailing with Virgin; this allowed them to connect with each other at any time and plan to spend time together. Simple messages like “I’m grabbing a Coffee, anyway want to join?” started with grabbing a coffee and ended with a day spent in port with new friends.

Virgin Voyages Optional Solo Events

Virgin Voyages understands that solo travellers have diverse tastes and needs. Kerry discovered that attending these meet-ups was optional; some chose to forge their own journey whilst sailing, with others opting to reach out to meet up more than others, it was all consensual and totally optional. The absence of pressure meant each traveller could tailor their cruise to match their desires and comfort level.

Virgin Voyages Solo

Are solo cruisers safe on Virgin Voyages?

The open sea can inspire awe, but solo travel raises safety questions, especially when sailing alone. Virgin Voyages addresses this concern with solo cruisers embraced by a sense of security. For example, having the welcome drink and dinner hosted means a member of the ship’s crew is there to ensure everyone is safe; they are also optional, so you can choose your comfort level and decide if you want to engage with the group.

Is Virgin Voyages Inclusive?

Aboard Virgin Voyages, the judgment remains at bay. The atmosphere is inclusive, where everyone is celebrated for who they are. You’re welcome with open arms, regardless of background, personality, or preferences.

This can be for members of the LGBTQAI+ community, people of colour and ethnic minorities and solo travellers.

Virgin Voyages, The ultimate choice for solo cruise

Virgin Voyages is our top pick for solo travellers; their fantastic dedicated solo cabins and entertainment packages are designed to ensure solo travellers are welcomed and looked after, and this means solo travellers have just as much fun as those who choose to sail with their friends or family.

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