What’s It Like to Go on a Cruise?

If you get your idea of a cruise from the movie Titanic you’re a bit mistaken…

Whilst the Titanic is the founding heritage of what we now call the cruise industry, its modern-day experience is vastly different to that seen in the James Cameron classic movie.

It’s no surprise to those who have been following us for a while that we love a cruise holidays, and the reasons may surprise you if you’ve never sailed before.

A Great Variety of Foods and Drinks

There’s no shortage of food and drinks on cruise ships… with a whole range of cuisines for you to enjoy also.

From Brazilian steaks and creamy Italian pasta to French wine and Russian vodka you can expect to get it all on your cruise.

Table of food

All leisure cruises are Full Board, meaning all your meals, breakfast, dinner and lunch are included in your fare, so no need to worry about paying more for food, unless you want to try the speciality dining restaurants onboard, which do come at an extra cost.

What to make it All-Inclusive? the majority of cruise lines also offer drinks packages for a set price, that once paid for, all your drinks are included.

Gambling for Adults

Not every cruise ship will have a casino, but most cruiselines, especially the American ones, have them.

So, if you enjoy a dabble on the tables or slot machines, then there is ample opportunity for you gamble whilst enjoying a sea day on a cruise ship.

There are many tables and slots that have low, introductory bets, and not the high-stake type where you could lose all your fortune…

HM, Harmony of the Seas, casino, blackjack table, gaming, two male players, fun, nightlife, cards, chips, slot machines in background

Stopovers at Interesting Spots

This is the main reason you would want to take a cruise holiday. There’s something special about unpacking once, and visiting multipe ports and countries each day.

Ships often stop at many different interesting and sometimes historical destinations and can freely get off and explore at your own leisure, as long as you back onboard by the All Aboard time.

Less than ideal Internet Connections

If you have to stay connected to land, then consider that wifi on ships is often expensive, and provides speeds that haven’t been frequent since the 90’s and dial up modems went the way of the dodo.

Some lines do include wifi in their packages, but most only offer limited slow speeds in their free, or most basic packages.

This is getting better as technology is improving, but you should be prepared for patchy internet whilst sailing at sea.

A Line-Up of Healthy Physical Activities

Cruise ships offer an array of physical activities like Zumba and Yoga classes, fitness gyms, jogging tracks, spa treatments and much more.

There is usually a wide range of activities that are scheduled each day for those who like to keep active and healthy, and food can be as light, or indulgent as you like.

Spa appointments and classes are limited, so be sure to book as soon as you get onboard, or in advance if you cruise lines allows it.

Plenty of Time at Hand

If you love to spend some time with yourself, or loved ones, then a cruise can provide you with plenty of opportunity to slow down and re-connect.

You can read as much as you want, play cards as much as you want, relax but the pool, nobody is going to come over and ask you to do the cleaning or wash the dishes.

Mixing With Lots of Different People

So, if you’re fond of people, you’ll love going on a cruise.

On your voyage, you’ll have the opportunity to socialize and meet with so many different people from different cultures and backgrounds.

And, who knows, you might even strike up some long-term friendships there that you’ll cherish forever.

Or… if you’re single (and ready to mingle) you might…  ahem… you know…

An Unblocked View of the Majestic Oceans

This one of my personal favourite things about a cruise holiday, there’s something magical about waking up early and taking in the view on your balcony as you slowly sail into port.

An unrestricted view of the vast oceans throughout the day from sunrise to sunset is surely a thing to look forward to.