Hello January – Looking ahead for 2023 Holidays

We hope you’ve all had a wonderful Christmas. Here is the travel outlook for January.

This is where we look at what’s popular, where people travel, and the trends for the rest of 2023 Holidays.

January is Peaks in the travel industry. It’s when it all goes a bit crazy as everyone is still on the high of Christmas and wants to keep the happy vibes flowing. The next thing on the list is to start planning the 2023 holiday, so we have something to look forward to.

I’m sure you are already sick of seeing travel advert after travel advert; well, strap in; it’s not going to stop until mid-March, sadly. Trust me… We have other suggestions of what Jess Glynne can do with her hand…

That said, if you are looking for some travel inspiration for now or later in the year, here’s where people are travelling this month and what they are booking.


Winter sun is our theme; we have several customers setting off for the Canaries this time of the year, perfect for those who want winter sun. Turkey also has good weather this time of year and offers great value.

Evergreen destinations are also popular; Orlando is famous this time of year because the theme parks are quieter after the busy run of Halloween, Thanks Giving and Christmas.

Mexico and the Caribbean are also as popular as ever, with it being a bit cooler than if you were to travel in the peak season, perfect for those who like the sun but can’t deal with it at its most intense.

Caribbean Cruise is also at its peak season now, with the vast majority of ships sailing around the Caribbean islands. This is also a fantastic time to sail the Caribbean from other ports out of the USA. Many cruise ships spend the winter season sailing from cities like New York, New Orleans and Texas. This time of year is perfect for those who want to explore more of the USA’s vibrant cities but still take a relaxing cruise.


If you are looking further down the year, NOW is the time to book rooms with limited availability. If you want a swim-up room, family rooms, or suites onboard a cruise ship. These all tend to sell out first, so take advantage of them before they are gone.

Ski season is in full swing until around April, with Half Term being the peak season, but now tends to be when most book their ski breaks.

Bucket list cruise destinations are also popular right now. However, if you want to explore far-off destinations like Alaska, Asia and Canada, now is the time to start planning.

Valentine’s is only a few weeks away. So now, we start to see people enquire about long weekend city breaks to Italy, France, and always popular New York.

Regardless of your 2023 holiday plans, now is the time to start thinking about planning them, we’d love to help you get something magical to look forward to.