Is the Royal Caribbean Drinks Package worth it?| Magically Cruising Podcast

When booking a Royal Caribbean Cruise, it can often be challenging to work out, is the Royal Caribbean drinks package worth It?

With so much included in the standard cruise fare, having to spend on the drinks package on top can be a bit of a surprise, however, once you break it down by day, it can actually be a reasonably priced package if you will make use of it. However understanding how to work out that value, can be ticky.

On this week’s episode of Magically Cruising, Sarah and Kieran discuss the Royal Caribbean drinks packages. Royal Caribbean offers a range of drinks packages that allow guests to enjoy unlimited alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages during their cruise vacation.

With options such as

  • The Deluxe Beverage Package
  • Refreshment Package
  • Classic Soda Package

Guests can choose the perfect package to suit their preferences and budget, but what’s included in these packages and how do you work out if they are worth it.

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