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A common question we get asked when customers want to book a cruise is “Is a cruise drinks package worth the money?”. It does vary for each person, so it’s always worth checking off a few key questions before deciding whether to jump in and book or pay as you go.

This is the first of our episodes dedicated to understanding the beverage package onboard a cruise ship.

Each cruise line does them differently, so it’s not always easy to determine whether a drinks package is good value for you.

In this introduction episode we talk about cruise drink packages in general, will you use them and how to work out if drinks packages are worth it for your next cruise vacation. We look at the basics of drinks packages, and discuss the Cruising for All drinks package calculators and what’s included; alcoholic and non-drinks, soft drinks and speciality coffees.

Also what are some of the rules of drinks packages, and who can have them? Local age laws and restrictions.

Check out the Cruising for all drinks package guides here:- Cruising for All Drinks Package Guides

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