Virgin Voyages Cabins and Suites Guide

The Sea Terrace Cabin

Welcome aboard the extravagant and innovative world of Virgin Voyages Cabins and Suites, where each is designed to elevate your cruise experience into something truly unforgettable. We have personally stayed in five different cabin grades, on eight sailings with Virgin Voyages, including every grade of Sea Terrace, so we can offer you our personal experience in sailing, and sleeping at sea with Virgin Voyages.

Unique Features Across All Cabins and Suites

Regardless of the category, all cabins and suites on Virgin Voyages’ ships share some standard, standout features:

  • Signature Red Hammock: Found in balcony cabins, this hammock offers a unique spot to relax and enjoy the sea views. NOTE: Some XL Sea Terrace cabins have Egg seats, not Hammocks
  • Rain Shower and 4K TV: Every cabin includes a luxurious rain shower and a state-of-the-art 4K TV, ensuring comfort and entertainment throughout your voyage.
  • Steamer and Hairdryer: These essentials are provided in all cabins for your convenience. Just ask your cabin host for the steamer when you need it.
  • Mini Bar: A mini-bar/cooler is available in every cabin, adding an extra touch of indulgence to your stay. You can order from Ship Eats to restock your mini bar, or if staying in Rockstar your mini bar will already be filled for you.

Virgin Voyages Cabin and Suite Features

Virgin Voyages Inside Cabins

The Insider Cabin

51 Cabins located on decks 5, and 9 through 14, they can sleep 2-3 people. These cabins are 177 sq ft.

The Insider cabins are perfect for those looking to get on board Virgin Voyages and save money. They offer the same features and floor space as a Sea Terrace, so there is no compromise on quality. They boast a chic glam area, ideal for getting ready for a night at the onboard nightclub or a relaxing evening in.

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The Social Insider Cabin

There are 10 Social Insider cabins on Virgin Voyages, located on Deck 5, and can sleep up to 4.

The Social Insider cabins are purpose-made to cater for groups travelling together, who want to get on board, but also get out and explore the ship and the wonderful ports your Lady Ship will visit each day. They feature two bunk beds and a games console – perfect for a fun-filled cruise experience.

Note that the beds are typically two singles, with two Pullman-style beds to accommodate the extra sailors. These cabins are 177 sq feet.

Virgin Voyages Sea View Cabins (Oceanview)

Sea View Cabins

There are 89 Sea View Cabins on board Virgin Voyages, located on decks 5, and 9 through 12. They are 130 Sq ft and can sleep up to 2-3 people.

Are you someone who simply has to have a connection to the sea when sailing, but doesn’t need a balcony? The Virgin Voyage Sea View cabins are a treat with crafted and cosy window seats; sailors can enjoy serene ocean views.

What is a Lock In Rate Cabin?

The Lock In Rate is Virgin Voyages equivalent to a Guaranteed Cabin on other cruise lines. They aren’t always available, so you have to keep an eye out for them, but from time to time Virgin may offer a limited number of Lock In Rate, or sometimes Red Hot Rate cabins. These can be in any category, but often the Inside or Limited View Cabins.

Virgin Voyages will offer these cabins at a heavily discounted price, with a few caveats:-

  • Lock In Rate cabins are guaranteed cabins, meaning you are guaranteed a cabin at the category you book, however, your cabin number and location will be allocated closer to your sailing, sometime between your paid-in-full date, and your 48 hours before.
  • Lock In Rate cabins cannot be upgraded
  • Lock In Rate cabins cannot be amended, you can change the name of the guests in the cabin, but you can’t change from a 2 to a 3 berth.
  • Lock In Rates are non-refundable, non-transferable, and do not offer Future Voyage Credit should you need to change, or cancel your voyage.

If those criteria do not matter to you, then you can often pick up a Lock In Rate cabin for 20-30% less than the standard-priced cabin, so it’s always worth looking for voyages which offer a Red Hot Rate.

Virgin Voyages Balcony Cabins: The Sea Terrace

The Sea Terrace cabins on board Virgin Voyages are the most plentiful cabins you will find on Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady, Resilient Lady and Brilliant Lady. They come in four types: Limited View Sea Terrace, The Sea Terrace, Central Sea Terrace, and XL Sea Terrace.

All variants offer the same core features, such as intuitive mood lighting and personal tablets for customising the cabin to your liking, however, the location on the ship, and in-cabin space will vary depending on which grade you opt for.

Limited View Sea Terrace

The Limited View Sea Terrace does come with some, pardon the pun, limitations, but it’s the perfect choice for those looking to get a cabin with a balcony, but aren’t bothered too much by the view.

There are 78 Limited View Sea Terrace cabins on board Virgin Voyages, located on deck 8.

The Limited View Sea Terrace is 185 Sq ft, with 40 sq ft balcony space, however, the view from the balcony may be slightly obstructed, usually with a lifeboat, or part of their machinery. In most cases, the view is only obstructed up to the height of the balcony, however depending on where lifeboats are located, you may have more machinery blocking your view.

Here are some photos from customers of ours of the Balcony view from the Limited View Sea Terrace.

Sea Terrace Cabin

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The Sea Terrace cabin is likely to be the best-value cabin on the ship. There are a total of 416 on Virgin Voyages, made up of 185 Sq ft, with a 40 Sq ft balcony, that also features the famous Virgin Voyage Red Hammock.

The Sea Terrace cabins are found on decks 8-14, and located towards the front or that back of the ship.

Central Sea Terrace Cabin

The Central Sea Terrace cabin offers the same core features as the Sea Terrace cabin, however, these cabins have the best location on the ship. Centre stage for your adventures at sea.

There are 524 Central Sea Terrace cabins, which are located in the middle of the ship on decks 8-14.

These cabins are regarded by many as the best location to avoid potential seasickness, but also the perfect distance away from all the key ship facilities.

Inside, however, you would struggle to find anything different about the Central Sea Terrace versus the Sea Terrace, they both offer the same wonderful facilities and amenities.

XL Sea Terrace Video Tour

The XL Sea Terrace is the last, and highest-grade cabin in the Sea Terrace Cabin Category. As the name implies, these cabins are larger than their Sea Terrace siblings, offering a larger bathroom, and a slightly different wardrobe configuration.

XL Sea Terrace Cabins without Hammocks

There are a number of XL Sea Terrace cabins located right at the very front of the ship with metal balconies, and not the standard class balcony. Because of this, these cabins are unable to fit the famous red hammock and instead offer a floating egg chair instead.

You can see a list of XL Sea Terrace cabins on Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady, Resilient Lady and Brilliant Lady that do not have Hammcocks on the list below:-

Click to view the full list.

9366 A AND Z
9370 A AND Z
9374 A AND Z

DECK 10:
10354 A AND Z
10358 A AND Z
10362 A AND Z
10366 A AND Z
10370 A AND Z

DECK 11:
11286 Z
11346 A AND Z
11350 A AND Z
11354 A AND Z
11358 A AND Z
11362 A AND Z
11366 A AND Z
11368 A AND Z

DECK 12:
12338 A AND Z
12342 A AND Z
12346 A AND Z
12350 A AND Z
12354 A AND Z

Accessible Balcony Cabins

Virgin Voyages ensures inclusivity with 16 accessible balcony cabins. These cabins are designed with extra floor space and bathroom adaptations, ensuring everyone can enjoy a balcony view.

Solo Cabins: Tailored for Solo Travellers

Virgin Voyages offers a unique experience for solo travellers with their specially designed Solo cabins. These cabins provide a comfortable and spacious environment for those cruising alone, ensuring a delightful and personal experience without needing a single supplement.

Virgin Voyages also works hard to ensure that solo travellers never feel left out and alone when sailing; you can read our full guide on sailing solo on Virgin Voyages here

Solo Insider Cabin

The Solo Insider has a large bed, ample space, and all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay, making it an ideal choice for solo adventurers.

There are just 40 of these on the ships, and they 106 sq ft. Located on decks 5, 8 and 11 through 14. You still get the same fantastic rainfall shower, and room amenities, however in a space that’s a perfect haven for someone travelling solo and looking to unwind and relax after exploring port all day, or partying all night.

Solo Sea View Cabin

Perhaps the most coveted cabin onboard Virgin VOayges, the Solo Sea View is the most in-demand cabin due to there being only 6 of them on each ship. Located on decks 9 and 12 right at the very front, these cabins are perfect for solo travellers who love a sea view.

Virgin Voyages also offers a dedicated Sea View cabin for solo travellers, so there is no need to feel left out on premium features when sailing solo onboard Virgin Voyages.

Virgin Voyages Suites: Living the Rockstar Life

Virgin Voyages’ suites blend spaciousness, high-tech features, and ingenious design. Suites are broken up into two categories, Rockstar and Mega Rockstar; each offers different amenities and features whilst onboard, but neither compromises on quality or premium finishes.

If you stay at Rockstar with Virgin Voyages, you also gain access to Richard Rooftop, an exclusive part of the ship reserved only for Rockstar Guests, which includes a daily champagne hour.

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Rockstar Suites Features and Amenities

As well as access to Richard’s Rooftop, Rockstar suites include your very own Rockstar Agent, who works like your personal concierge to all things Virgin Voyages whilst onboard, priority boarding and access to events and happenings when onboard, as well as an in-room curated bar.

Sweet Aft Suites

Positioned at the back of the ship, these suites offer stunning views of the ship’s wake. Ranging from 416 to 661 sq ft, the Sweet Aft Suites are a favourite for those who love a good view.

The Seriously Suite

Among the more compact options, the Seriously Suite, located midship on Deck 12, offers a cosy and luxurious space of 354 sq ft. It’s a perfect blend of comfort and extravagance.

The Brilliant Suite

The Brilliant Suite on Deck 14 offers a generous 428 sq ft of space. It’s a popular choice for those seeking luxury and space.

The Cheeky Corner Suite

Ranging from 615 to 848 sq ft, the Cheeky Corner Suites are located on decks 8-14 and offer expansive views with large terrace spaces.

Mega Rockstar Suites

The Mega Rockstar Suites represent the pinnacle of luxury on Virgin Voyages. These suites are for those seeking the ultimate high-end accommodation and exclusive services. As well as all the features of Rockstar level, you gain access to a Bottomless in-room bar, a daily bar tab to spend around the ship and when in Bimini Beach Club, access to the spa each day, Premium Wifi and Transfers and complimentary transfers or parking to and from the ship (where available)

The Massive Suite

The crown jewel of the Virgin Voyages suites is the Massive Suite. An impressive 850 sq ft includes two separate wardrobes, a glamorous room, one and a half bathrooms, a champagne table, and a terrace hot tub. It’s an embodiment of luxury at sea.

Fab Suite

Offering 950 sq ft of space, this suite includes separate living and bedroom areas and luxurious amenities.

Posh Suite

Slightly smaller at 833 sq ft, this suite provides a lavish living experience with unique features and access to exclusive ship areas.

Gorgeous Suite

The smallest in the Mega Rockstar category but still expansive at 570 sq ft, offering a blend of luxury and comfort.


Virgin Voyages has redefined the cruise cabin experience, blending luxury, innovation, and thoughtful design. Whether you’re a solo traveller seeking a cosy retreat, a couple looking for a romantic getaway, or a group pursuing fun and entertainment, there’s a cabin or suite perfectly tailored to your needs. With Virgin Voyages, your stay is more than just a cabin; it’s a personalised, luxurious experience that elevates your cruise to new heights.

Ready to set sail? Discover the ideal cruise with Virgin Voyages and embark on a journey where every cabin is a haven of style and comfort.

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