Sea Terrace Cabin Guide Virgin Voyages

The Sea Terrace cabin by Virgin Voyages was made to create a connection with the sea, offering you sweeping ocean views with that gorgeous hammock on the balcony. The Sea Terrace makes up the majority of cabins onboard Virgin Voyages, with 1,130 cabins across in this category.

Add the European queen-sized transitional Seabed and Roomy Rainshower in the upgraded bathroom experience, and this space has everything you might need for a fantastic voyage at sea

Sea Terrace Cabin Features

The Sea Terrace onboard Virgin Voyages is broken up into four different categories. The first three are mainly based on their location on the ship and a few changes to the features of the cabin.

In order of price, cheapest to most expensive, you have:-

Limited View Sea Terrace, which offers all the same features, however, the view from your Sea Terrace may be blocked by a lifeboat, or by part of the structure of the ship.

The Sea Terrace, is the standard Sea Terrace, this category tends to be located forward or aft of the ship.

Central Sea Terrace, as the name suggests this cabin offers a central location on the ship, which is often preferred by some due to feeling less motion and being central to all the ship facilities.

XL Sea Terrace, offers more room in the cabin itself, with a split bathroom and shower.

Video Tour

Why not take a look around a Sea Terrace from our sailing onboard Valiant Lady