What to Pack for a Virgin Voyages Cruise

With each cruise line having vastly different dress codes, one question we get asked a lot by our customers is What to pack for a Virgin Voyages Cruise.

At its heart, Virgin Voyage is just like every other cruise, so make sure you have clothes for exploring the amazing ports you will be visiting, relaxing on the ship, and enjoying the fantastic nightlife onboard

However, there are a few specific things that you may want to be aware of to make the most of your Virgin Voyages Cruise.

Can I take alcohol onto Virgin Voyages?

Virgin Voyages allow sailors to take two bottles of wine onboard with them to enjoy in their cabin; these have to be no larger than 750ml. This can be sparking wine if you would like, but they only officially allow wine, no beer.

This has to be taken onto the ship with you in your carry-on; if it’s in your hold bag, Virgin may confiscate it till the end of the voyage.

You can only bring these on during embarkation; if you bring any more on at port, Virgin will hold that until the end of the Voyage.

Bring your refillable water bottle with you on Virgin Voyages

Fitting in with Virgin Voyages Epic Sea Change program, they have removed all single-use plastic from the sailor areas, so you won’t be able to get bottled water to carry around the ship or to take off when you head into port.

So ensure you have a reusable water bottle and fill it up at the many water refill stations across the ship.

You will get two carafes of water in your cabin, which are also refilled during the day, and you can request whether you want still or sparking.

Virgin Voyages only sell Reef safe sunscreen

Also part of the Epic Sea Change program, Virgin Voyages only sell Reef safe sunscreen onboard, so if you forget yours, you can purchase some onboard.

But to ensure you are also doing your part to not damage the marine life where Virgins Lady ships sail, ensure your sunscreen is also marine and reef safe.

Be sure to pack deck shoes for the pool area.

If you are planning to enjoy the pool area onboard, be sure to plan some pool shoes you can wear around the pool area. In the Caribbean sun, especially the pool deck, can become extremely hot. Flipflops will be perfect for slipping on and off, but it doesn’t matter much as long as you have something to wear when moving between sun longer, pool, bar or the restroom.

Book your Virgin Voyages Cruise today

If you would like to book your Virgin Voyages Cruise today, you can use the below link to see the latest offers and self-service your booking. Any bookings made using this link will be linked to Magical Traveller (it will say Sold and Serviced by Kieran Miller at the top); you will have complete control over your booking and can pay Virgin Voyages directly.

If you book using our Book and Go link by clicking the image below, we will add bonus sailor loot to your account as a thank you, $25-$200, depending on cruise duration and cabin purchased. Sea Terrace cabins receive $100 on sailings four nights or more as a guide. An email will be sent within 24 hours from Magical Traveller confirming the loot will be added within 30 days before you sail.

If you would like to add hotels and accommodation, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we can make your cruise a fully ATOL-protected holiday.

Are there any Dress Codes on Virgin Voyages?

First things first, there is no dress code onboard Virgin Voyages. Usually, most lines will say they have “resort casual”, which can vary, so it is never really helpful.

But Virgin refer to their dress code as “Come as you are”, which is equally vague however, it has come about under the belief that everyone is unique and different and loves to express themselves in different ways when on holiday.

Some love to dress up and get fancy, others like to relax and keep it casual, and the idea of being “fancy” in boat shoes and a polo shirt (for men, at least) is so tired now.

Instead, you can dress up however, you want onboard. Sailings from Miami tend to have a more Miami Chic fashion vibe onboard, Mediterranean sailings tend to be more European casual inspired due to the longer voyages and more port-intensive sailings.

Do Restaurants on Virgin Voyages have a Dress Code

Same as the ship, there isn’t a dress code in the dining rooms. Most people dress up, but that could be anything from a tee shirt and shorts to evening and club attire. The only rule is that you must wear clothes; what you choose to wear is up to you.

Are there any themed parties onboard Virgin Voyages?

Virgin Voyages have several themed parties onboard their ships. While there is no formal dress code for any of these parties, many sailors have opted to get into the spirit of these parties and dress up.

What is the dress code for Scarlet Night onboard Virgin Voyages?

Scarlet Night is the main party onboard Virgin Voyages. Whilst there is no official requirement to dress up, Virgin Voyages do ask that you dress with a “Splash of Red” to get into the spirit of the festivities.

So whilst there is no need to dress up any particular way, most sailors wear their best red outfits to the party.

Sailors can be found to wear outfits from every spectrum for Scarlet Night, you can choose to keep it casual with a short or jeans, with a red top, or you can go all out in a sequined, fringed, bedazzled little number. As the ships are sailing more and more, Scarlet Night outfits have become more and more extravagant.

Virgin Voyages Dress code for PJ Party

The PJ party usually happens on the first night of your Voyage and has gotten bigger the more Virgin has been sailing.

The event is usually held on deck 16 aft in the Athletic Club overlooking the back of the ship. Many people have chosen to dress up in their PJs for this party and dance the night away to the best 90s/00s hits.

Again, you can go as casual or as fancy as you like. I wore my Sonic the Hedgehog PJs, and Phil wore a silk twin set. We have seen people wearing anything between, including onesies; it really is as simple as wearing your PJs.

Virgin Voyages Dress Code for Klub Rubiks

Klub Rubiks is a new themed party/club evening in The Manor onboard Resilient Lady. This 80’s themed party has already been a hit with sailors, and more and more are choosing to put together 80’s inspired outfits for the evening.

You can then tie your outfits into VHS workout when that happens on the ship.

Virgin Voyages Dress Code for We Fancy

We Fancy is another themed party/club night in The Manor; again, it’s not an official dress-coded event, but sailors have taken it upon themselves to get into the mood and wear something gold or metallic to join in on the fun vibe created by the happenings cast in The Manor on these evenings.

Virgin Voyages Another Rose Dress Code

New to Resilient Lady is a new dinner show, Another Rose. Whilst there is no requirement to dress up for this event, it may be fun to wear something inspired by the show. The show has a prominent rose theme, taken from the name, but flowers and florals feature in the costumes and decor.

You can also get the perfect photo opportunity as you leave The Manor as it’s dressed for this special event.

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