Exclusive offer for Virgin Voyages | UPDATED FOR OCTOBER 2023

Ahoy Sailors!

How would you like to get $300 off a Virgin Voyages Cruise and $600 to spend onboard?

We are very excited to share an exclusive offer for Virgin Voyages when you book your Next Virgin Voyages cruise with us here at Magical Traveller.

$300 off Virgin Voyages

This offer us only available when you are onboard a Virgin Voyages cruise, you cannot access this when you are on land. You pay a $300 deposit, and then when you convert that deposit in to a sailing you will receive a $300 discount off your voyage, and $600 Sailor Loot to spend onboard.

There are a few terms you need to be aware of, so check the FAQs towards the bottom.

We will be sailing onboard Resilient Lady, Virgin Voyages newest from Oct 1st for two weeks, and Virgin has allowed us to purchase them on behalf of any of our customers who would like to take advantage of this offer.

How can I take advantage of this offer?

We will ask that you pay £300 deposit, which we will use to purchase the My Next Virgin Voyage Placeholder on your behalf once we are onbaord. We will then transfer that placeholder over to you.

Exclusive offer for Virgin Voyages

The placeholder is purchased in USD ($300), We will ask that you prepay £300, whatever is remaining from the £300, will be put towards your deposit or final balance, so you will still get the complete £300; you will see the GBP value of the MNVV on the confirmation email, and your cruise will be protected in our protected trust account.

Key Dates

Please inform us, and pay your £300 deposit no later than Wednesday 11th October, this is to allow us enough time to process them whilst we are on the ship.

You can choose to hold your placeholder and book later, or you can choose to convert it into a voyage as soon as you have your placeholder. You can do that yourself via the Virgin Voyage website for cruise only, or we do that for you, or help you book a Fly Cruise, ATOL protected holiday.

What Cabins Can I Book with the My Next Virgin Voyage Offer

You have to use the MNVV on a Sea Terrace or above; that can be for however many people in that cabin. It cannot be used on a Limited view or Lock In Rate Sea Terrace. It cant be used on the inside or Seaview cabins.

How to Book a My Next Virgin Voyage Placeholder

Please get in touch with us however you usually do. However, it would make it easier to track if you were to use this form:-

FAQs for the My Next Virgin Voyage Offer (Placeholder)

You can use that placeholder to book any voyage that is available within the next 48 months from the date of purchase. It will show in your Virgin Voyages account and will be ready to use, the booking will be linked to our travel agency so we are available to help you plan an amazing voyage with Virgin Voyages.

Here are some general FAQs that are asked about the My Next Virgin Voyage Program and how it works. These are for those who purchase onboard, but it will cover most commonly asked questions.

What is the My Next Virgin Voyage Onboard Offer?

The My Next Virgin Voyage Onboard Offer is a $300 discount off your future booking plus a $600 onboard credit that will be applied towards your next sailing.

How do I secure the My Next Virgin Voyage Onboard Offer?

Sailors have two options to reserve the My Next Virgin Voyage Onboard Offer. (1) Sailors can select their exact ship & sail date with the Future Voyage Sales Crew by placing a 20% deposit. The Onboard Offer will then be reflected on the Sailor’s booking. (2) Alternatively, if a Sailor does not know exactly when they would like to sail, Sailors can reserve an open deposit by placing a $300 deposit to reserve the offer and selecting their exact voyage at a later date.

Can I access the My Next Virgin Voyage website link after I debark the ship?

The My Next Virgin Voyage website functionality is only available while aboard. While the website is accessible off the ship, Sailors will receive an error message if attempting to proceed in booking the onboard offer. The registration of the offer must be completed aboard only.

If I decide to book the open deposit, how can I register?

A Sailor can register for the My Next Virgin Voyage Offer via an exclusive website link provided onboard by Virgin Voyages or by visiting the Future Voyage Sales Crew at Get Lost located on Deck 7 Midship.

How many open deposits am I allowed to register for?

Each Sailor onboard is eligible to register for a total of ten (10) My Next Virgin Voyage open deposits.

Can I apply multiple My Next Virgin Voyage offers to one cabin?

No. Only one My Next Virgin Voyage Offer may be applied to a future reservation. This includes any previous and future variations of the My Next Virgin Voyage Offer.

Is the My Next Virgin Voyage onboard offer transferable?

Yes, the onboard offer is transferable and can be transferred by contacting our Sailor Services team. The offer can be transferred up to one (1) time.

Book your Virgin Voyages Cruise Today

If you would like to book your Virgin Voyages Cruise today, you can use the below link to see the latest offers and self-service your booking. Any bookings made using this link will be linked to Magical Traveller (it will say Sold and Serviced by Kieran Miller at the top); you will have complete control over your booking and can pay Virgin Voyages directly.

If you book using our Book and Go link by clicking the image below, we will add bonus sailor loot to your account as a thank you, $25-$200, depending on cruise duration and cabin purchased. Sea Terrace cabins receive $100 on sailings four nights or more as a guide. An email will be sent within 24 hours from Magical Traveller confirming the loot will be added within 30 days before you sail.

If you would like to add hotels and accommodation, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we can make your cruise a fully ATOL-protected holiday.

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