Uncover the Enchantment of Santa’s Lapland | Visit Lapland From Bristol

The festive Christmas season is a time of joy and wonder, especially for families with young children. If you’re seeking to immerse yourself in the true magic of Christmas, there’s no destination quite like Santa’s Lapland.

As Bristol’s leading Lapland specialist at Magical Traveller, we are delighted to offer you an enchanting adventure that promises to forge unforgettable memories for you and your loved ones. Let’s embark on a journey into the heart of Santa’s Lapland from Bristol, where extraordinary experiences await.

Introducing Santa’s Lapland: A Winter Wonderland of Dreams

Nestled within the breathtaking landscapes of Lapland, Santa’s Lapland stands as a testament to the magic of the festive season.

Each year, a charming village opens its arms to welcome visitors seeking a magical and immersive Christmas experience.

With Santa’s elves as your guiding star, be prepared for an exceptional multi-day adventure filled with ledge rides, festive fun and a visit to Santa himself.

Our Santa Lapland offerings include flights, accommodation, and enchanting activities meticulously crafted for your entire family’s enjoyment.

The Magic of the Santa’s Lapland Experience

Imagine the look on your little ones’ faces as they meet Santa Claus himself and their joy as they receive a special gift from the man in red.

This is merely the beginning of the magic that Santa’s Lapland holds. From thrilling husky sledge rides to enchanting reindeer sleigh rides and even exhilarating snowmobile journeys in search of Santa’s hidden log cabin—each moment is a memory in the making.

The little ones are in for unending fun with Santa’s playful elves. From gingerbread making and snowman building to the chance to feed and interact with the gentle reindeer, there’s no shortage of delightful experiences.

Let’s not forget the chance to witness the mesmerizing Northern Lights, an awe-inspiring spectacle that adds an extra layer of wonder to your Lapland adventure.

Lapland from Bristol

Choosing Your Adventure at Santa’s Lapland

As the local Specialist in Lapland holidays from Bristol, Magical Traveller presents you with a choice between two tiers of experiences: “Santa’s Magic” and “Santa’s Aurora.”

While both options promise to whisk you away on enchanting journeys, “Santa’s Aurora” elevates your adventure with additional activities and distinctive accommodations.

Picture yourself in the breathtaking Arctic Lodge, where glass-etched windows offer panoramic views of the Lapland vista.

Comparing Santa’s Magic and Santa’s Aurora Experiences

Santas Magic

  • What’s included?
  • Magical “Search for Santa” by snowmobile-sleigh
  • Private Family meeting with Santa in his log cabin. Every child under 13 receives a gift Children’s own special “letter to Santa Claus”
  • Exciting husky-sled ride (approximately 15 minutes) &
  • Traditional reindeer sleigh ride (approximately 8 minutes)
  • Plenty of fun snow and ice activities, including mini-skidoos and snow hockey
  • A festive feast at the Gala Dinner
  • Spectacular elves show in their igloo, and reindeer
  • Themed activities

Where to stay?

Accommodation is centrally located for all the facilities in the resort of Saariselkä.

  • Santa’s Hotel Holiday Club – Popular choice for families, includes a pool and spa
  • Santa’s Hotel Tunturi – Unique hotel, including Kontio Suites and the lovely Gielas rooms
  • Santa’s Hotel Riekonlinna – Excellent facilities and a special Northern Lights viewing room 
  • Santa’s Saariselkä Inn – Small and cosy family-friendly Inn

Santa’s Aurora

What’s included?

  • Wilderness Dinner in a Kota restaurant & reindeer sleigh ride on the first evening
  • Magical “Search for Santa” by reindeer sleigh
  • A private family visit with Santa in his log cabin, plus meet his special Aurora Elf who’s full of magical tales. Every child under 13 receives a gift
  • Children’s own special “letter to Santa Claus”
  • Snowmobile safari (approximately 60 minutes, exclusive to
  • Aurora package)
  • Husky-sled ride (approximately 25 minutes, exclusive to
  • Aurora package)
  • Plenty of fun snow and ice activities, including mini-skidoos and snow hockey
  • Meet a local Sami Guide in his Lappish kota and hear fascinating stories about their culture, and maybe a special song or two

Where to stay?

Choose from the stunning 4* Star Arctic Hotel, above the village of Saariselkä with various room types, all perfect for viewing the night sky and the Northern Lights. Or for a one-of-a-kind adventure, our Santa’s Glass Cube Cabins are set in a breathtaking location overlooking beautiful stretches of the Lapland wilderness.

Both options are located approx. 1.5km from the centre of Saariselkä, with local buses operating to the village for convenience.

A Day of Enchantment in Santa’s Lapland

In the realm of Santa’s Lapland, your day’s brim with wonder.

A warm reception from Santa’s merry helpers ushers you into a realm where enchantment reigns. Your day is packed with thrilling activities—husky and reindeer rides, whimsical cookie-making sessions at the elf school, and guided reindeer expeditions.

As the sun dips below the horizon, the captivating Northern Lights take centre stage, painting the night sky in hues of awe and splendour.

The following day brings a crescendo of adventure with snowmobiling and skiing, tailored for those seeking more excitement. And on your final day, you’ll find yourself immersed in the joy of crafting cherished memories before bidding a fond farewell to this realm of magic.

Reserve Your Santa’s Lapland Experience with Magical Traveller

As Bristol’s Lapland specialist, we understand the allure of Santa’s Lapland and the demand it garners.

Availability is a treasured commodity, with dates selling out in advance. This is why we urge you to secure your spot in advance.

A deposit of £150 per person secures your reservation. Whether you want a winter escapade for 2023 or casting your gaze toward 2024, booking early ensures you won’t miss out on this extraordinary family expedition.

Book your Santa’s Lapland from Bristol holiday today.

Embark upon a heartwarming pilgrimage to Santa’s Lapland guided by the expertise of Magical Traveller. Whether you choose “Santa’s Magic” or “Santa’s Aurora”, the essence and magic of Christmas will be magnificently captured during your Lapland adventure.

Allow us to curate an unparalleled holiday experience for you and your cherished family.