Scarlet Lady vs Resilient Lady 2024 | Which Virgin Ship should I book

Scarlet Lady vs Resilient Lady

If you are looking to book a Virgin Voyages Cruise in 2024 sailing in Europe, the main question you may have is, Which Virgin ship should I Book? In this post, we put the two ships sailing Europe against each other, Scarlet Lady vs Resilient Lady 2024 style.

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Are Scarlet Lady and Resilient Lady the same?

All four of Virgin Voyages Lady ships are pretty much identical. The layout, main features, restaurants and venues are all the same. This was an intentional design choice to ensure that when sailors were choosing which ship to book, the main things to consider would be the fantastic itineraries, not the ship.

Each ship has the same bars and restaurants and offers the same fantastic outdoor spaces, so you can book onto each ship knowing you will have the same wonderful venues for drinking, eating and dining.

So you can pick your Virgin cruise based on the itinerary and not specifically for the ship.

That being said…

What is different between Scarlet Lady and Resilient Lady?

There are, however, some subtle differences between the Virgin ships, some subtle, some major, so you may want to think about these few things before you book your Virgin cruise.

There are some artwork differences between the two ships. As you walk around the ship, you will notice that whilst spaces are the same, so both ships offer The Social, the layout of the furniture and deck is different on each ship. The games in the Arcade are different on each ship, and colours can differ in some venues.

One key example of the difference is the colour octopus tentacles you can find in the Roundabout.

Each ship has the same sculpture but a different take on the design. Scarlet Lady’s is plain black and white, whereas the one found on Resilient Lady is patterned.

This is how a lot of the decor and design choices are different on each ship, there will be different artwork in the same spot on the ship, and equally, you will find different colours of the same furniture between the two ships, This allows them to offer the same warm welcome back onboard, yet feel unique and different.

Here’s the same space on Scarlet Lady and Resililient Lady, Lick Me Till Ice Cream, Scarlet Left, and Resilient Right.

Different artwork located artound the pool deck.

Are the mermaids different on Scarlet Lady and Resilient Lady?

Yes, each mermaid has a different design and is designed to represent different aspects of women around the world. Scarlet Lady’s mermaid is very reminiscent of the iconic blonde female figurehead found on other Virgin brands, such as the flying lady or flying icons as seen on the sister brand Virgin Atlantic.

Whereas Resilient Lady features a Latina Mermaid designed by New Mexican native Jodie Herrera, celebrating the diverse females that Virgin Voyages is looking to inspire.

Different Selfie Spots on Scarlet Lady and Resilient Lady

Perhaps the most prominent design difference between the Virgin Ships would be the selfie photo opportunity on deck 7 between Grounds Club and The Social.

On Scarlet Lady, this section of the ship features 4 swings you can sit in, with positive words above them, Live, Breath, Laugh and Love. These colourful spots are always popular with sailors who often take photos on the swings.

Resilient Lady, however, features a very different and more playful alternative, with a trio of Seahorses you can mount for your photos, each featuring an empowering word above it, Brave, Fearless and Daring.

Are the Cabins the same on Scarlet Lady and Resilient Lady?

At heart, yes, both ships offer identical cabins with the same layout and categories on all their ships. However there are subtle differences between the two ships, mainly down to the colour and fabric choices used in the cabins.

Scarlet Lady features a gorgeous two-tone net curtain that matches the colour of the sea transitioning into the sunset. However, Resilient Lady has a Greecian-inspired rattan curtain.

You can view a cabin tour of a Sea Terrace on each ship on our YouTube channel, which shows some of the differences.

The mirror is also a different colour on the two ships, with Scarlet having a Red and Green chromatic mirror, but Resilient offers a Black version.

Lastly, the two ships have different desk lamps, with Scarlet having a modern mushroom lamp and Resilient having a whicker desk lamp.

Is the food the same on Scarlet Lady and Resilient Lady?

In short, yes. Both ships offer the same menus and the same 20+ eateries. However, there are a few minor changes on all the Virgin Ships. The biggest is that each provides a signature dessert unique to each ship.

Menus tend to be the same. However, Resilient Lady did get a new menu before the rest of the fleet for some of its venues.

You can see all the menus for every venue on our menu blog post here:-

Virgin Voyages Menus

Is Inky a different colour on Scarlet Lady and Resilient Lady?

One interesting note: the Inky mascot you can purchase in the onboard shop is also a different colour on each ship. Not surprisingly, the one available in Scarlet Lady is Red, with Resilient Lady featuring a light blue colour, similar to the ship’s signature dessert.

Is the entertainment the same on Scarlet Lady and Resilient Lady?

Yes, this is one area where each ship offers something different from the other. Some shows are the same on both ships, like Around the World with the Diva, and headline parties like We Fancy, PJ Party and Scarlet Night are on all Virgin ships. There are a handful of shows that are unique to each ship.

What are the exclusive shows of Scarlet Lady?

Scarlet Lady has several shows that can’t be found on Resilient Lady. The first is Untitled Dance Show Party Thing, a high-energy dance show that takes place in the main theatre.

The next exclusive show to Scarlet Lady, and not found on Resilient Lady is Dual Reality, a street circus show that is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet in a modern and contemporary style.

You can also only find Ships in the Night onboard Scarlet Lady, and no other Virgin Ship.

Lastly, Scarlet Lady has a dinner show you can book called It’s a The Ship Show, which is a variety show in The Manor featuring various singers and performers from Dual Reality showcasing their skills.

What are the exclusive shows of Resilient Lady?

Resilient Lady launched with a host of new shows to the Virgin Voyages fleet that had never been seen on any other ship.

The first new show onboard Resilient Lady is Persephone. A contemporary retelling of the Greek tale following Persephone’s tale via out-of-this-world dance, singing performances, and some of the best circus skills we’ve ever seen.

Lolas Library is a new cabaret-style show that takes place in The Manor and was one of our favourites when we were last onboard. This intimate show takes place across three acts and sees some of the most loved books come to life in ways you’ve never seen before.

Lastly, Another Rose is a brand new dinner show that is paid for but offers a wonderful meal that’s paired with a very generous supply of cocktails. This is another incredible immersive show and is a story about following your heart and loving who you truly love, unapologetically.

Where do Scarlet Lady and Resilient Lady sail from in 2024?

During the summer of 2024, Scarlet Lady and Resilient Lady will sail in Europe; where they visit and embark from are very different.

Scarlet Lady Sailing from Barcelona Summer 2024

Scarlet Lady will be sailing from Barcelona in 2024. She will embark on 7-night sailings departing on a Sunday, with each sailing calling at Ibiza overnight.

During the 2024 season, Scarlet Lady will offer three different itineraries: The Irresistible Med & Ajaccio, The Irresistible Med & Room and French Daze & Ibiza Nights.

These ports focus more on the French, Spanish and Italian side of the Mediterranean.

Resilient Lady Sailing from Athens Summer 2024

Resilient Lady will be sailing from Athens during the summer season of 2024. She will offer two main itineraries departing on a Sunday from Athens and will focus more on sailing the Adriatic and Aegean seas.

Greek Island Glow sees Resilient Lady heading around the Greek islands, visiting Santorini and Rhodes, with an overnight in Mykonos and a stop at Bodrum in Turkey.

Adriatic Sea & Greek Gems will see her sailing up the Adriatic and calling at Split, Dubrovnik, Kotor and Corfu.

Her season starts with a one-off itinerary called Starry Nights in Greece & Croatia, which mixes some of the best ports from her Europe itineraries across ten nights.

Does Scarlet Lady and Resilient Lady sail to the same places?

No, Scalet Lady sails the Mediterranean Sea, whereas Resilient Lady Sails the Adriatic and Aegean Seas.

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